Laptop Repairs


Laptop Repairs

We repair laptops of all makes. The problems we cater are

  1. Hindges Repairs
  2. Fabrication
  3. LCD screen replacement
  4. NO Display
  5. Motherboard Repairs
  6. Overheating
  7. Battery Charging Problem
  8. LAN Port/Wifi Port not working
  9. Keyboard Problem
  10. Adapter Problem (Power Jack Problem)
  11. Laptop Buyback

Cinque Terre

We Use reliable spares and offers repairs at competitive rates. Our Experience technicians is key difference bet us and our competition. We give pickup/drop service for your laptop. Just logon your complaint to repair your laptop. Get your laptop repaired in 3 Steps.

  1. Call us: Our co-ordinator will schedule a pickup of your laptop
  2. Once received we will diagnose and give you the estimate
  3. Once repaired we will deliver your laptop